With secure and high-quality equipment Contributing to the Safety of Expressways

We at WAVE+X,

We are a manufacturer of products related to highway equipment, including the manufacture of radio wave absorbers.

For a long time, we have been engaged in a number of tasks at highway sites.

We will introduce our products that demonstrate our know-how and the results of constant research and development.

Microwave Absorber

A radio wave absorber (5.8GHz) for ETC, which has many construction results and boasts high absorption characteristics in various environments with a thin design.
It is a thin, light, high-performance and easy-to-use radio wave absorber adopted on many expressways.

Despite its thinness, it has a high angle of incidence of 40 degrees or more and exhibits absorption performance above normal incidence even for various angles.
It realizes two absorption principles with its unique metal pattern, and realizes high performance that is unrivaled by others.

Microwave absorbing sheet

Microwave absorbing sheet with high workability for millimeter-wave band and quasi-millimeter-wave band compatible with equipment for automatic operation and amaming.

This is a radio wave absorber for automatic operation, which has attracted attention in recent years.
We have applied and developed the technology for radio wave absorbers for ETC (5.8GHz), which has been proven for many years.
,In the area of radio wave absorbers for millimeter waves, we offer two types: for collision prevention that absorbs the 76-77GHz band, and for proximity range automatic operation that absorbs the 77-81GHz band.

Tollgate lane circuit breaker

Circuit breakers that intuitively emphasize the closing status of tollgate lanes to drivers.A wide range of new installations, replacements, and parts replacements are available.

This is a lane breaker to avoid accidents when toll collection personnel cross ETC lanes, which is increasing with the increase in the number of ETC users.The tollgate lane breaker system is capable of responding to specifications based on operational policy.Various specification variations are available, including various cut-off bar lengths, presence or absence of approach vehicle detection sensors, and for use in cold climates.

LED display board

It further combines visibility and usability, enabling safer and more reliable information transmission.

To enhance visibility, LEDs with dominant wavelengths are used in addition to high brightness and wide viewing angles.In addition, the light is automatically dimmed by the illuminance sensor at night.The liquid crystal touch display is used for the operation console for display contents, enabling intuitive operation.It is also designed with a fault monitoring function.

Highway digital signage

This is Japan`s first outdoor digital signage for expressways.

Thanks to its overwhelming high-precision display, this is a digital signage designed specifically for outdoor use with a dramatically improved visibility.Dust-proof and water-proof with IP65 degree of protection. Responding to severe environmental conditions on the street.It is equipped with a high brightness to ensure visibility even under direct sunlight and a function such as a liquid crystal surface cooler to prevent liquid crystal burn.

Tollgate booth

This is a residential booth designed to ensure a comfortable and safe working environment for those engaged in toll collection at tollgates.

A tollgate booth that provides detailed support for various needs.We will design and propose a collection type booth, a residential type booth, a machine room booth, etc. according to the application.In response to the request, we will manufacture booths for a variety of applications.

Countermeasures against reverse travel and systems to prevent accidental intrusion

This system prevents pedestrians and bicycles from entering expressways from entrances and exits.

In the United States, where 300 to 400 reverse-travel accidents occur annually, the only effective warning method is "fear-aware".This makes them aware that they are making a false approach to human instincts.This system warns the approaching person with a laser sensor that is extremely low in false positives and a light that flashes during detection.This is a new access detection system that has been researched and developed based on human behavior psychology.

Other products

This is a guide to our products deployed at various points on the highway, such as single-position flashing lights and manual circuit breakers.

We offer a wide variety of products tailored to the needs and environment of our customers, such as no-approach marks for lane circuit breakers, line-of-sight guidance lights, and manual circuit breakers.In addition, if you inquire about products that are not listed, we will deal with it.