We are a manufacturer of products related to highway equipment, including the manufacture of radio wave absorbers.

What lights up like a flame that does not go out in the chest of all employees is confidence and willingness as a service business that never compromises.

Even if the expression varies depending on the individuality of each employee, there is only one thing that everyone sees before their eyes.

"Complete customer satisfaction practice."



By accurately understanding needs through discussions and communication with customers and capturing highways from the users point of view every day.

we will lead to research and development with a view not only to what is already seen but also to the sprouting that will lead to the future.

That is our mission.

We are confident that this attitude will lead to proposals that exceed customer expectations.


We hope.

When 100% is requested, be sure to propose over 120%.

Even if you are not specialized, please be careful and responsive to every request to prepare some kind of response.

I won`t let you wait even for a little email or phone call from a customer.

Never say "I don`t know" or "I can`t."

We will always strive to raise our products, technologies, and services without satisfying the current quality.


To be the first partner you can remember as "Wavex in trouble" when you`re in trouble.

We will thoroughly communicate with and engage with our customers with our attitude to shift our work in front of us to thinking and taking action from the customer`s point of view.

Customer delight drives us.

In our relationships with us, we hope that many customers will experience Wavex through products and services.

Within the rapidly changing ITS business, we will never change, but we will continue to drive.

That`s our way, our belief, with our customers.