Name Wave+X Incorporated
Established The establishment Change a trade name to Wave+X Incorporated on August 7,2001 from Kay X Incorporatd on April 15,1987.
Capital 50 million yen
Location 1-18-16 FM8 Kamitabashi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Representative Makoto Yamashita
Business content Manufacture and sales of road signs
Development, manufacture and sale of highway tollgate equipment
Development, manufacture and sale of radio wave absorbers for ETC
Manufacturing and sales of highway toll booths
Construction Industry Governor`s License No. 134589 (General-29)
Quality management In the sales and purchase control of products related to the ITS of quality management expressways
Apr. 27, 2009 Acquired ISO9001 Certification
Main suppliers
Amano Co., Ltd., Yamashita Electric Co., Ltd., and Kansai Paint Sales Co., Ltd.
Main client
Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited, Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited, Nagoya Expressway Corporation, West Nippon Expressway Company Limited, Hanshin Expressway Company Limited, East Japan Expressway Company Limited, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., J-FAST Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd., NEC Corporation, Panasonic Systems Solutions Japan Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Okaya Koki Co., Ltd., Taisei Corporation
Bank Mizuho Bank, Itabashi Branch, Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Higashi Shinmachi Branch


Head office

1-18-16 FM8 Kamitabashi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
電話:+81 3-5922-6828 FAX:03-5922-6830

5 minutes walk from Itabashi Station on the Tobu Main Line

Development branch

30-3 VC building Kumanocho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
電話:+81 3-5922-6828

10 minutes walk from Oyama Station on the Tobu Railway Tojo Main Line