Wave+X Incorporated

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We received confirmation of ISO9001 concerning the sales and purchasing management of the product related to ISO for highway on April 27, 2009

The improvement plan for quality management.

 To be able to provide a product and service which has a high quality and a high degree of perfection for customers, we received confirmation of ISO9001 regarding the sales and purchasing management of the product,on April 27th,2009. We promise to improve customer satisfaction by gaining their trusts through effective quality management.

Quality policy

 We are comitted to the continued advancement of both Japanese and world highways. Futhermore, we provide products that stimulate ideas with an eye for perfection, keeping our customers in mind at all times.


 The ISO9001 was enacted by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) as an international standard for quality management and quality assurance in 1987. It guarantee of the quality of the product and set requirements of the quality management system which is related to customer satisfaction and continual improvement.


Certification Standard ISO9001:2015
Person of cover certification name Wave+X Incorporated
Applicability Location FM8 1-18-16 Kamiitabashi Itabashi-ku Tokyo Japan
Certification Acquisition Day 27 April,2009
The Term of Calidity 27 April,2021
Certification Number 02245-2009-AQ-KOB-JAB
Certification Extent Design, Sales, and Purchase Control of Products Related to ITS for Expressway.