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To move smoothly and correspond to user safty When the trouble has happened.

As ETC spreads, the number of vehicles which is passing a tollgate is increasing, so the accidents at the time of passage occurs frequently. This is the system of blocking vehicles when trouble has occurred in an ETC lane. The staff of a tollgate can move safely, speedily, and work smoothly. This is a lane crossing gate system. We prepare several types of specifications, such as the length of the interception bar, having an approach vehicle detection sensor or not, and extra equipment for cold areas which are based on each highway enterprise’s operation policy.

The plan image of interception stick

Specifications example of Metropolitan expressway Co., Ltd.

Interception stick length 2700mm
A vehicle detection sensor photoelectricity+ supersonic wave

Specifications example of The Nagoya expressway Co., Ltd.

NT-1500 NE
Interception stick length 2700mm
A vehicle detection sensor shotoelectricity